Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + equipment
Action: Extended (3-10+ successes; each roll represents 30 minutes of research)

Researching information is a fairly straightforwardtask that involves querying libraries and databases. Roll Intelligence + Academics + equipment. The number of successes required depends on the complexity and/or obscurity of the desired information. A simple set of facts might demand three successes to obtain, while a little-known or difficult-to-find reference might demand 10 or more successes to uncover. Depending on the quality of the libraries or databases available, the Storyteller may grant a +1 or higher modifier to task rolls.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure
: Your character obtains flawed or inaccurate information that leads him to draw incorrect conclusions about the subject.
Failure: Your character makes no progress in locating the information he’s after.
Success: Your character makes progress in his search for information.
Exceptional Success: Your character is well on hisway to discovering the elusive information he’s after. If the roll provides enough successes to push the total well above the amount necessary to complete the task (by five or more), he gains additional information pertinent to hisresearch, providing greater detail and insight into the subject.

Suggested Equipment: Library card (1), Internetconnection (1), access to a university library (2), access to government databases (3)
Possible Penalties: Unusual topic (-1), obscure topic(-2), limited library or database (-2)



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